The Alligator Hunters

In this episode, our two travelers set off by kayak into a setting sun in search of the King of the Swamps. Werner Herzog narrates.

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18 Responses to The Alligator Hunters

  1. chris says:

    terrific video. this is an example of a fine piece of filmmaking where nothing really happens. i think the narration and accent (as well as the writing) is priceless.

  2. Suzanne says:

    YOU GUYS!!!! Trying to scare yo mama. Werner sounds amazingly like Nat.

  3. John Eakin says:

    Hey guys–big fun–the first post says it all. Nice contrast to the snowy view out my window as I type. John

  4. Karen Lilley says:

    I’m really enjoying following your journey from home. The writing, photos, and videos are incredible. I feel like I’m there too. Thanks!

  5. Tracy Fredin says:

    I especially like Cortez the Killer in the background of this seminal piece of work.

  6. Nick Johnson says:

    Hi boys. Looks like fun. Your paddling form is excellent. The movie reminded me of the 80’s television classic “Alligator” where an erstwhile family pet gator is flushed down the toilet into the Sewers of New York. Feasting on the radioactive remains of lab animals, it grows into a 50 ft behemoth and reigns terror upon the suburbs of NYC. Only, I think the soundtrack featured Angus Young instead of Neil Young but otherwise pretty similar films.

    I can’t wait for more.

    • John Shepard says:

      Hi Nick! Good to hear from you. We’ll keep an eye out for giant gators. Likely tests haven’t been conducted yet on the impacts of BP oil-spill dispersement chemicals on the gator stock–who knows what’s lurking out there?

  7. Anna Shepard says:

    What an amazing clip! It’s nice to know that Herzog has been expanding his horizons beyond grizzlies and reading Madeline. I’m so grateful you’re able to share your adventures with such well-articulated and artistic flare! Safe and joyful journeys to my two favorite cancers (you are made for this sort of living). Love.

  8. Brok Vandersteen says:

    This video and blog are great! I’m glad I can follow along with your trip. Keep on posting!

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