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Horn Island and the Islander: artist Walter Anderson

Nat and I began our eight-mile crossing of Mississippi Sound by kayak in late afternoon sunlight. Our destination—Horn Island, a 12-mile-long barrier island parallel to the Mississippi coast—was somewhere out of sight just beyond the horizon. I paused a short … Continue reading

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The Whooping Cranes of Aransas: a Survival Story

To watch whooping cranes methodically pluck blue crabs from a salt marsh along the Texas Gulf coast with their long beaks is to stand close enough to the precipice of extinction that you could almost throw a rock into the void. … Continue reading

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Oysters and Us

Yet again yesterday, our explorations reinforced connections between the well-being of Gulf Coast natural and social environments and those of us who live far from the shore. Our lessons came from a field excursion to some fledgling oyster reefs and … Continue reading

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Deer Hunt

This post is by Nat, who joined Adam Brack on a deer hunt last Sunday morning when we were staying with Jane Shepard in Panama City Beach. Adam is Jane’s son-in-law, married to her daughter Erin. Here is Nat’s story: Within … Continue reading

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The Alligator Hunters

In this episode, our two travelers set off by kayak into a setting sun in search of the King of the Swamps. Werner Herzog narrates. Copyright © 2011 Cascade Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Cradle of Life: Introducing the Estuary

Estuaries—those incredibly fertile environments where freshwater from the mouth of a river mixes with the saline waters of the sea—are often called cradles of life, and for good reason. We’ve spent the last three days in the quiet historic fishing … Continue reading

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Wakulla: Teaming Wildlife at an Extraordinary Freshwater Spring

Ninety percent of the water consumed in Florida comes from groundwater, and every Floridian (not to mention visiting heartlanders and snowbirds) should pay homage to Wakulla Springs—but not just because of the nearly crystal-clear water. Yesterday, after saying goodbye to Tracy … Continue reading

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