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Wakulla: Teaming Wildlife at an Extraordinary Freshwater Spring

Ninety percent of the water consumed in Florida comes from groundwater, and every Floridian (not to mention visiting heartlanders and snowbirds) should pay homage to Wakulla Springs—but not just because of the nearly crystal-clear water. Yesterday, after saying goodbye to Tracy … Continue reading

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Beleaguered Brown Pelicans

Besides the dolphins that have popped up beside the cruising Boudreaux several times a day to see what we’re up to (see last post), we have enjoyed seeing lots of brown pelicans on our journey. They peer at us from … Continue reading

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Throttle up! The Journey Begins.

Sliding the twin throttles foward, sitting at the helm of the Boudreaux’s flybridge a dozen feet above the water, a thought keeps running through my mind: this boat is bigger than a kayak. So much bigger. It’s 34-feet long. It’s got twin … Continue reading

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