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Louche New Orleans

After a couple of weeks staying here in the Crescent City, I stumbled on a word this morning that fits the place in several ways: louche. This, according to my dictionary, means “disreputable or sordid in a rakish or appealing … Continue reading

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An oil-spill warrior and a flight along the coast

For the past year Steve Jenkins has been thinking a lot about beaches. As slicks of BP oil began making their way across the Gulf toward the Alabama shore last April, the staff of his Field Operations Division of Alabama’s … Continue reading

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Strange Symmetries at Seaside

Apalachicola’s unassuming, rough-edged historic charm comes from its relationship with the sea and the river that feeds it and its people, whose livelihoods are tightly bound to the waters surrounding them (for more on Apalachicola, see the earlier post, “Cradle … Continue reading

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Turpentine and the Long-lost Longleaf Pine

Like so many of the world’s natural resources that have proven useful for the human cause, the longleaf pines that once blanketed much of the southeastern U.S. are now nearly gone. Yesterday we visited a historic site that revealed what … Continue reading

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Cradle of Life: Introducing the Estuary

Estuaries—those incredibly fertile environments where freshwater from the mouth of a river mixes with the saline waters of the sea—are often called cradles of life, and for good reason. We’ve spent the last three days in the quiet historic fishing … Continue reading

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