Project and Crew

The crew and essential gear (minus cameras, mics., etc.)

3rd Coast Connect follows the adventures of two Minnesota Yankees, John and Nat Shepard, exploring by cruiser and kayak (and sometimes by bike and minivan) the Gulf Coast between the Mississippi Delta and the eastern end of the Florida Panhandle, January to May, 2011.

John is an associate professor and multimedia producer at Hamline University’s Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE), and this is his sabbatical project. Media gathered during the trip will be used in CGEE’s Waters to the Sea multimedia educational programs. Nat, a recent graduate of the University of Puget Sound, is co-pilot, prime videographer, and a fine first mate.

The plan is for father and son, and a host of other short-term visitors, to witness, celebrate, and document the connections between nature and culture, between land and sea, along the thin line that is sometimes called America’s Third Coast.

The good ship Boudreaux


8 Responses to Project and Crew

  1. John
    hope all goes well on this adventure!
    where will you be the first week in February? I am headed to Gulf Coast next week and will be there for a week in early Feb and then again for the last week in February and the first few days in March – would love to hook up with you if possible.

  2. Too cool! Wish I could come with.

  3. John Shepard says:

    Thanks for your comments, Leslie and John. Great to hear from you.

  4. Donna Foster says:

    Hello John and Nat-I’m a friend of Kathy Bibus’ from Hamline. I just read her e-mail informing me of your adventure. I am fascinated by your trip, your words, etc. and would love to meet you if possible. I live in Pensacola-have Mississippi Gulf Coast/New Orleans connections and am originally from Jackson, MS. If your journey coincides with my whereabouts I’d love to take you two to dinner and visit. If not, know that I’ll be traveling with you as you discover people, places and stories that I have also met.

    Y’all have fun,
    Donna Foster

  5. wenloe says:

    great adventure and important stuff you are doing. I just discovered that an old college friend Eckerd College St. Pete Fla) that I last saw some summers ago as we met at Lake Itasca, John Hankinson, former regional administrator of EPA for southeast was recently appointed Executive Director of Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force. I can put you in touch with him if you wish. Also can link to old college Friend Ren Clark in Mandeville LA whose business uses GPS to help farmers and others create quality ecosystems for farming and other uses. Peace Walter

  6. Lisa LeBourdais Rockwell says:


    Lovely to see you and Nat and hear of your adventures!

    Lisa Le Bourdais

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